Get the look - Rustic & Smoky BBQ

From fresh ingredients, new combinations and the latest trends we look to favourite restaurants and recipes to inspire us. Our 'Get the Look' series looks to do just that - continuing in the United States - with a look at The Lost Fire.

The Chef

Germán Lucarelli, celebrated chef has had a passion for smoky, hearty and authentic Patagonian barbeque his entire life. Creating a completely new culinary experience with passion and commitment to using only the best, highest quality ingredients.

The Plates

Using our Stonecast collection which is inspired by the changing seasons and fresh ingredients this range is a perfect match for Lost Fire. Stonecast is hand decorated with a coloured spinwash and rustic edge band making each piece unique. This is a great combination of food and plate, mixing and matching a variety of colours and shapes to add inspiration to the tabletop.

The Ambience
Adopting a rustic and simple approach, Lost Fire decor is embracing a laid back approach. You can dine whilst watching the kitchen in action or escape to one of their other rooms for a more quieter atmosphere.
Shop the trend with our Stonecast collections.
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