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Performance Delivered

Product performance is at the core of all we do. Churchill ceramics are designed to last in the busiest of professional kitchens. Here we break down the technical elements behind our 'Performance Delivered' promise.

1. Performance Materials

Our responsibly sourced clay materials come from within the UK. The top quality china clay we use adds whiteness, while the ball clay creates elasticity and flexibility. Our Churchill Super Vitrified body recipe includes the optimum level of added alumina; alumina adds strength, whiteness and aids shock absorbency. It has taken years of experience using science to combine all of the ingredients into the perfect mix of strength and whiteness. This recipe is unique to us and won't be found anywhere else. It contributes to our 'body' being one of the strongest ceramic bodies in the world and constant testing of materials ensures consistency in our products and promises.

2. Performance Engineered

Every piece of Churchill ceramics is designed to maximise performance and lifespan. Impact areas of the ceramics are reinforced to add strength, while weight is removed where possible to keep our ceramics lightweight. Investment in innovative robotics means we can create interesting shapes and large pieces, while also ensuring consistency in size, shape and weight. Resulting in superior strength, durability, stackability and confidence.

3. Vitrification

Vitrification is an essential process of adding strength to hospitality ceramics. This is a real point of difference to ceramics design for home use as most won't be vitrified. Vitrification changes the particle structure of the ceramic body by reducing the air in between the particles. Making the material stronger, denser and watertight. This is important as not only does it reduce breakages, improves durability but also supports food safety as bacteria has less opportunity to penetrate the ceramic and grow.

4. Performance Glaze

Like the performance materials our glaze is made to a specific formula for increased durability and strength. For the hospitality market this also means withstanding the rigorous cleaning and chemical processes used in industrial dishwashers - our testing process means that this is tested to withstand 5,000 industrial washes. Underglaze decoration means the glaze creates a protective layer so that the design, colours and the decoration will not wear over time.

We also fully glaze the base of items to avoid scratching of table tops and other items when stacked. As well as protecting furniture, reduced scratching also means reduced entry points for bacteria getting into the plate. To enable this you may notice little 'pin-holes' on the base of the plate. The only exceptions are the cups, mugs and stackable bowls where these have a polished finish.

5. Performance Standards

As with all technical products each and every piece has to stand up to scrutiny and exacting standards. To make sure all these elements come together there are over 51 process checks for our Stonecast products and each piece conforms to 10 British, European and international standards. Churchill ceramics are continuously tested and quality checked, from the stage of raw materials, throughout the manufacturing process to the final fired piece. We test our ceramics to 10 British, European and International standards and are the only ceramic manufacturer for tableware to have a UKAS accredited onsite laboratory.

We test to the following standards: BS EN 8654:201, BS EN 15284, BS EN 1183:1997, ASTM C368, ASTM C927-80, BS EN 12980, BS 12875, BS EN 1217 1998, EN 13258, BS EN 4034

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