Established over 225 years ago, Churchill’s proud heritage as potters in the heart of UK ceramics Stoke-on-Trent, has seen us steadily grow to be the largest pottery tableware manufacturer in the UK. Best known today for innovative tableware made to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. Investment in technology and materials has created a durable and attractive product loved by food establishments and chefs the world over. 

Over the last few years, having seen our products in restaurants or hotels, there has been an increase in enquiries from consumers wishing to buy the hospitality ranges for use at home. Shoppers, who, either want to invest in a professional product they know will last or want to elevate home dining to recreate an at home restaurant vibe. 

To make this process easier and more enjoyable we have created an easier route for those wishing to buy our professional product for home. By using some of the amazing visual assets from chefs around the globe for inspiration and curating a collection of the most popular ranges we hope we can help you find your perfect tableware solutions. 

Performance Delivered

Well-known for being super strong, durable and long-lasting, our products are made and engineered with ease of use in mind. We understand plates are stacked, bashed and rushed from area to area so have to be strong. We also understand the importance of hygiene and the last thing a a busy kitchen needs is to be carefully hand washing or not being able to blast products with heat and abrasive cleaners Our products are also the result of dedicated resource allocated to research into trends - food, consumer, colour and listening to the needs of the market. Using both first hand research and investment in seminars, lectures and expert insight we explore the trends that are going to work to really elevate food presentation, yet have a longevity, to add a classic, versatile appeal that chefs and establishments will want to use every day.


Investment and Innovation

As a business, ensuring we meet and exceed the needs of our markets is always first and foremost; it means we are always looking to develop, grow and invest in our future. Based in the heart of the Potteries since 1795, over 200 years experience and expertise has helped lay the foundations for this. Along with a combination of ownership - as a listed company on the London Stock Exchange, with majority family shareholding in the Roper family since 1922 - the consistency, security and accountability this provides allows for a thriving environment for innovation.

Alongside the investment in the factory we also invest in stock - meaning if we make it, we will have good stock levels to serve the market so you can get the product you need when you want it.


Community Values

Today, more than ever, we need to know companies represent our values.

We care about our communities. Locally - Investing in our factory base, supply chain and people in the UK, creating opportunities for the region.

Our supply chain, who help us to make one of the strongest ceramic bodies in the world, is mainly based in the UK. Our clay comes from Devon and Cornwall, with a continuity of supply guaranteed for the next 100 years; sand that goes into our clay body is specially sourced from Scotland due to the pure white colour. We introduced an environmental charter in 2011 to help us to minimise our environmental impact.

It's also really important to us to give back to our industry - through culinary colleges to grow the next generation, through sponsoring the National and Young National Chef of the Year through the Craft Guild of Chefs to encourage emerging talent. We have also previously supported award-winning causes such as industry charity Hospitality Action; Brigade helping the homeless into work and the Clink to support prisoner rehabilitation.

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