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As restrictions continue to limit global travel, we look to food to fill our wanderlust  from fresh ingredients, new combinations and the latest trends. We look to favourite restaurants and recipes to inspire us, our 'Get the Look' series looks to do just that, starting in Denmark with a Nordic restaurant, Høfde4.

The Freshest Ingredients 

In recent years, Nordic food has come to express purity, freshness and simplicity, using produce that particularly favour the Nordic climates, landscapes and waters. Located just a few steps from the white sand of the North Sea at Blåvand, the Høfde4 restaurant prides itself on creating top-class food, using fresh and seasonal ingredients sourced locally to provide their customers with true, authentic Scandinavian dishes.

Raw Decor

Adopting a rustic and simple approach, Høfde4's decor is inspired by the Scandinavian minimalist look with a hint of industrial rawness through the mixture of texture and colour. With thoughtful attention through the use of natural materials, from it's wooden beams to its brick flooring, the restaurants atmosphere is fresh and simple, yet still keeps its warm and welcoming ambience for their customers.

The Plates 

Studio Prints Raku Quartz Black, a monochrome palette that achieves a clean and curated look. Inspired by the traditional glazing process known as Raku firing, this collection also coincides with the latest hospitality food trend, 'clean and conscious', a great canvas for creating impact whilst focusing on environmental and societal health and wellbeing; simply Scandi.

To shop this look click here for our simply Scandi collection.

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