5 considerations when buying a dinner set

The evolution of the modern dinner set lends as much to celebrating individuality than grouping into mass trends. Whilst casual dining, the rise of the celebrity chef and availability of world foods has influenced how and what we eat at home; interior trends, colour, space practicalities and also durability also play a part.

Food service and presentation really found its home with the emergence of social media and image sharing. Whilst a new found appreciation for making everyday dining in a little bit more special meant ‘tablescaping’ became a lockdown trend. For those of us whose pictures don’t make the cut it was great to have great plates to make up for ‘less than’ plating skills.

So, here are 5 key considerations when investing in a new dinner set and how choosing Churchill for home really does work:

1. An expression of individuality

Colour, shape, style and texture. Mix and match. Availability of replacements. 

All of our items are sold individually and are designed to mix and match. Options are available in shape too - from classic coupe, soft triangles, rectangular options and even irregular organic shapes. Ranges available are popular in hospitality markets around the globe so will be around for a long time as we have to keep topping up supplies.

2. Made to last - in both style and substance

So beyond trends and fashion - whilst our designs are trend-led it is always with a focus on over-arching colour and interior trends and touches which will have a classic long-lasting appeal. Throw away, fast-fashion goes beyond clothes and in recent times the same attitude applies to homewares - swapping out regularly rather than investing in ranges that have longevity.

One of the key benefits of having professional product in the home is that you know it has been made to last. Each piece is designed and engineered to make it as strong and durable as possible, even with our more interesting shapes and styles. We then use clay sourced in the UK, mixed into our unique formula and use a process called vitrification to make it even stronger. We also use a specially formulated glaze and our surface designs all sit under the glaze to make sure it lasts and can withstand industrial kitchens. All of the products on this site are made in our Stoke-on-Trent factory.

3. Trust the professionals - they should know

This site was launched to meet a demand from shoppers looking to emulate the restaurant experience, using the expertise of chefs and restaurateurs to create an enjoyable dining experience. Chefs and restaurateurs take time and effort to maximize diner experience and meet the demanding needs of busy kitchens. Our plates are supplied all over the world and chefs share their pictures every day of their dishes looking amazing on our plates - what better way to get inspired!

4. Space premium - just the one set for the 'best' and everyday 

Whilst casual eating styles at home have dominated in recent times, now showing off all the lockdown renovations, entertaining and getting together in the home have become a firm part of our priorities. 

Making an occasion of the everyday means that dinnerware needs to work harder - both for showing off with a dinner set that looks great and also meet the everyday need for durability.

5. One size fits all - the great big size debate

Dinner plates - some like the oversize and some like smaller for balancing on the sofa. The same with bowls - pasta, cereal, rimmed, fancy.

Restaurants demand options here and we have them - for example the standard coupe plates are available on the home site ranging from 28.8cm which can also double up as a serving piece to 16.5cm for salad or small plates.

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