5 ways to share

Sharing food with friends and socialising has become a new style of dining. We have become more adventurous to try new flavors and are willing to share dishes in a relaxed style of eating.

Mix & Match

Bring the restaurant experience home with this innovative professional tableware. Designed to elevate and enhance food presentation and your overall dining experience. Mix and match with colour and shape to create a relaxed style of eating - with the use of our oblongs and small plates, like this dish from @1821restaurantmber.


Platters and oblongs are perfect for sharing dishes, great to mix and match with a range of different colours, patterns and shapes. Oblong dishes are a great way to spread out your food and get a taste of each dish. A great example of this is by @thelostandfoundknutsford with our Studio Prints Raku range. 

Shapes & Sizes

Tapas and sharing dishes are a great way to experience new flavors and test your taste buds. This dish from @eatateverly is the perfect example of mixing sizes and shapes to create a dynamic tabletop.

Small Plates & Tapas

Embracing the relaxed and social aspect of small plates and tapas, taking the opportunity to taste different dishes while enjoying drinks and good company - like this tabletop by @restoranasgrey.

Dip Pots & Accessories 

This dish from @oliveandbean is a great way to use dip pots and accessories as part of the tabletop. This gives diners the opportunity to share dishes and tastes with each other. Enjoy small nibbles and treats with the multi-functional bowls.

To shop this look click here for our Sharing Dishes collection.

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