Bright & Bold

This series explores some of our travel destinations and the food that makes those trips special. Our tableware is popular around the world and we don't have to look too far for inspiration. Next in the series we're taking a look at Loft's Bar Bistro Steakhaus in Germany. (

The Food
The Loft's is a bar, a bistro and a steakhouse at the same time on a busy corner in Ingolstadt. There is something for every taste with a bold and diverse menu, selected ingredients and a twist to each dish.
The Ambience

Using pink seats can add a pop of color and brightness to the restaurant, creating a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere for customers. From the industrial lights to the exposed brick walls, the restaurants atmosphere is bright and abstract yet still keeps its warm and welcoming ambience for their customers.

The Plates
Using Studio Prints Homespun in Charcoal Black contrasts with the colorful setting - enhancing the dining experience by providing a visually striking contrast that adds depth and sophistication to the overall presentation of the meal. View the full range here.
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