A hidden gem in roads less travelled

Food and travel go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Each brings fresh adventure and discovery and memories that last a lifetime. Recreating new favourite dishes, discovered from holidays across the world keeps those memories fresh. This series explores some of our favourite holiday destinations and the food that makes those trips special. Our tableware is popular around the world and we don't have to look too far for holiday inspiration. For the third in the series we're taking a look at BENZE in Slovakia.

The Food
Starting the day right with this lovely breakfast dish. Our Stonecast Peppercorn Grey is a neutral, versatile shade that's adaptable to suit all styles of food presentation. The Chefs' Walled Plate is the perfect canvas to elevate all types of dishes.
The Ambience

Start the day with a delicious breakfast. On sunny days, sit outside on the comfy loungers and chairs. Eating breakfast outside can be an excellent way to start the day, with the fresh air and natural surroundings adding an extra boost of energy to your morning routine.

The Plates
Inspired by the changing seasons and fresh ingredients, Stonecast is hand decorated with a coloured spinwash and rustic edge band making each piece unique. Each piece is hand-decorated to create an individual feel. Chefs and restaurants love this collection for it's rustic appearance and superior strength.
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