The Travel Inspired Series - Culinary Croatia

Food and travel go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Each brings fresh adventure and discovery and memories that last a lifetime. Recreating new favorite dishes, discovered from holidays across the world keeps those memories fresh. This series explores some of our favourite holiday destinations and the food that makes those trips special. Our tableware is popular around the world and we don't have to look too far for holiday inspiration. For the first in this series we're taking a look at Boban Restaurant in Croatia

The Food
Dishes bring together homemade recipes as well as using modern preparation techniques. Mediterranean favourites, pastas, classic Italian-style platters, all made fresh daily using locally sourced ingredients. Our Studio Prints Homepsun wide rim bowls provide the ideal solution for the perfect presentation of sauce-heavy dishes.
The Ambience

Located in the heart of Zagreb, Boban has a relaxed and welcoming indoor area as well as two outdoor terraces. The open spaces decorated with fairy lights and greenery help to create a sense of spaciousness and freedom for diners to enjoy their meals in a laid-back space late into the warm nights.

The Plates

Featuring a concentric pattern that emulates hand thrown pottery - the Homespun ranges really draws the eye in to frame the food. Hand finished with a rustic edge band, each and every piece is unique. 

The cool and neutral Stone Grey tone of Studio Prints Homespun has a classic and timeless appeal.

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