Get the look - Modern twist

As restrictions continue to limit global travel, we look to food to fill our wanderlust  from fresh ingredients, new combinations and the latest trends. We look to favourite restaurants and recipes to inspire us, our 'Get the Look' series looks to do just that, continuing in London with the restaurant, Gunpowder.

Simple Decor

Gunpowder currently have three locations in London; Soho, Tower Bridge and Spitafields.  Adding a rustic and sample approach, Gunpowders decor has a minimalist look. With thoughtful attention through the use of natural light, from it's wooden seating to its brick flooring, the restaurants atmosphere is comforting and simple, yet still keeps its warm and welcoming ambience for their customers.

Modern Family Recipes

An Indian restaurant celebrating traditional family recipes with a modern twist. Gunpowder showcase the vibrant, bold flavours of the subcontinent through responsibly sourced ingredients. With an emphasis on sharing dishes the menu mimics the experience of being at home with family. 

The Plates 

Studio Prints Homespun emulates traditional rustic hand thrown textures. It is an underglaze print design with a hand applied edge band, which adds authenticity to the range as each piece is unique. The natural colours and subtle pattern complement a wide selection of cooking and dining styles, showcasing the freshest ingredients and enhancing food presentation.

To shop this look click here for our collection.

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