Danish house with a Parisian twist

Food and travel go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Each brings fresh adventure and discovery and memories that last a lifetime. Recreating new favorite dishes, discovered from holidays across the world keeps those memories fresh. This series explores some of our favourite holiday destinations and the food that makes those trips special. Our tableware is popular around the world and we don't have to look too far for holiday inspiration. For the second in the series we're taking a look at Flora Danica in Paris.

The Food
Combining bright food with a bright plate is a great way to make the tabletop pop with colour. Our Studio Prints Raku Topaz Blue is designed to elevate and enhance food presentation and your overall dining experience. This triangular bowl is perfect for adding a modern twist to a dish, suitable for casual dining and lunch menus. 
The Ambience

The creation of Scandinavian spirit, a clever mix of relaxation and elegance. Adding to the overall dining experience, there is indoor and outdoor dining at Flora Danica. Having this secret open space creates a relaxed style of dining whilst enjoying the surroundings of nature.

The Plates

Showcasing reactive texture through print, Raku is inspired by the traditional glazing process known as Raku firing - creating expressive and innovative results. Inspired by jewel tones, the chic Raku colours bring a sophistication to the tabletop. Shop all Studio Prints Raku Topaz Blue here.

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